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  • Episode Title : Ghetto Girl
  • Models' Name : Mary-Gas Mask girl
  • Pictures Available : 102
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I would like to introduce you to a blond bombshell by the name of Mary, shooting her in a German m65 was a perfect fit for this tall German beauty. During the shoot the sound of her heavy breathing made it very hard…hard for me to concentrate. I must say that we had a lot of fun!
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  • Episode Title :Pink Toxins
  • Models' Name : Litte Nadia
  • Pictures Available : 84
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We got really creative and poured pink paint over Nadia and the M17 gas mask came in handy by protecting her lungs from the pink toxins and airborne pollutants. The fumes were so strong even I had to put on my gas mask.
  • Episode Title :Rubber Stilettos
  • Models' Name :Jean Bardot
  • Pictures Available :51
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Shooting the infamous Jean Bardot was a dream come through!, and she did not disappoint the day was filled with latex, rubber, gas mask breath play and bondage…I don’t want to give too much away you will really have to join to see this spectacular and erotic imagery. is the only paysite dedicated to the world of gas mask fetish. Join now for only $25.72 and get Instant access to all of our gas mask fetish content. You member ship includes:

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